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  • VDOT Project at Fox Mill Run in Gloucester County

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    The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is replacing a functionally obsolete bridge over Fox Mill Run on southbound Route 17 Business (Main Street) in Gloucester County. As part of the project, HB Contracting hired Atlantic Underground Inc to relocate 16-inch ductile iron (DI) and replace it with DIPS DR-11 HDPE pipe.

    Due to the water flow and environmentally sensitive wetlands area under and near the bridge, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) was the best solution for this project. Directionally drilled crossings help preserve rivers, wetlands and reclamation areas and AUI was able to relocate and replace the 540-foot sewer force main by drilling 24-feet under the area to move and reconnect with the pre-existing underground main. This precision left the environment and sensitive wetlands above virtually undisturbed. The environmental benefits of using HDD technology have solidified its permanent position in the pipeline & utility industry.

    In less than 2-weeks, AUI was able to finish their part of the project. All went as specified and according to plan. Fusion and drilling logs were provided, hydrostatic testing was performed before and after, and precision drilling was done on a tight schedule to meet the time restrictions in place for shop closures on Main Street.

    Our diligent and reliable team at AUI has perfected the specialized HDD techniques used to install underground pipes, telecommunications, conduits, fiber optics, sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, and other pipelines without disturbing habitat or disrupting traffic patterns. We get the job done when no one else can.

  • AUI joins the VOSB program

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    Former US Marine, Michael Kidd joins the VOSB program to support and partner with other veterans…

    We’re proud to be part of the Veteran Owned Small Business program, VOSB, certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Atlantic Underground Inc is thankful to those who value and offer opportunities to veterans that have served our country. This is a positive step for the company and strengthens our commitment to the community we serve.

    After an honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps, Michael Kidd founded AUI. With strong leadership traits and a steadfast set of core values, Michael maintains a rock solid reputation for dependability, friendly service, and a ‘can do’ attitude at all times. With a long list of successful projects on line, on grade, on time, and on budget, AUI is fast becoming the go-to-company for trenchless technology, directional drilling and auger boring.

    We’re always seeking ways to support other veteran–owned businesses while creating new business opportunities for ourselves. We hope to continue to grow AUI with this valuable veteran program and help others as well.


  • AUI uses Fusible PVC pipe for water line installation at Andrews AFB

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    Atlantic Underground successfully completed the installation of 380 feet of 8-inch fusible PVC with a bend radius of less than 3.6% at Andrews Air Force Base.

    The fusible PVC product offers new solutions on installs of utility lines when HDPE is not an option. Using the continuous, gasket-free, Fusible C-900® PVC pipe, AUI provided trenchless technologies to drill under a road, gas lines and other utilities and install a new water service at Andrews AFB.

    When using fusible PVC, line and grade must be accurate as PVC has a lower tolerance than HDPE. With entry and exit angles in line with manufacturer specifications, AUI was able to hit a tight window of a target without incident and in the timeframe quoted. Another reliable and efficient job for AUI — finished on time and budget.

    Image of pipe being pulled

    Pipe being pulled in and ready for pressure testing.

  • AUI installs utility lines with accuracy and precision

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    Atlantic Underground Inc. performed trenchless services to help minimize impact on pedestrian foot traffic and avoid street closures and other disruptions on the VCU campus during the initial phase of VCU’s $158.6 million new School of Medicine project.

    Using Horizontal Directional Drilling, considered by many to be a “green alternative for construction,” AUI installed approximately 100 linear feet of 6 inch HDPE pipe for a new sewer main using guidance electronics to navigate under a busy sidewalk in downtown Richmond and through an internal maze of existing utilities.directional drilling machine bit breakthrough at VCU campus This difficult bore required accuracy and constant tracking.

    Drilling to a depth of 12 feet and emerging through a predrilled 12-inch hole in a basement wall required precision, experience and skill. There is nothing more accurate than the tracking methods used by our crew. We knew the exact location of the drill head at all times and with this precise tracking method, we successfully performed and installed the new sewer main on time and on budget.

  • AUI works on $2 billion Capital Beltway HOT Lanes Project

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    AUI was invited by Fluor-Lane, LLC to provide trenchless boring of pipe for the Interstate 495 HOT Lanes in VA Project. The nearly $2 billion public-private Capital Beltway HOT Lanes Project has the most significant package of improvements to I-495 in a generation. The project is immense, spanning 5 years and 14 miles of gridlocked Beltway.

    We provided trenchless services and one of the bores we performed was a split bore under the Beltway. Working out in both directions, AUI crossed below four lanes of southbound and four lanes of northbound traffic from a pit located in median. We installed 288 linear feet of 36-inch steel encasement pipe for 18″ reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm sewer.

    Each bore offers a unique challenge and during this demanding 288′ bore, we went through a variety of soils including hard shale, quartz veins, hard clay, and then very wet soil and road fill. De-watering of the boring pit was a constant issue with the low end of the pit below the water table and an existing leaking storm sewer running parallel to the bore path. We thrive on meeting demands like this on each job we perform and AUI successfully completed this project on time and on budget.

    Additional information on AUI and The HOT Lanes Project:

    • Contract Value: $1.6 million
    • Start Date: February 2009
    • 95% completion at present
    • Currently on schedule
    • Bored in a total of 2,200 linear feet of steel casing & RCP for storm sewers
    • 36″ steel encasement pipe with 18″ RCP threaded & blocked inside: 1,304 linear feet
    • 42″ steel encasement pipe with 24″ RCP threaded & blocked inside: 344 linear feet
    • 48″ steel encasement pipe with 30″ RCP threaded & blocked inside: 546 linear feet


  • Atlantic Underground launches new website

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    We’re pleased to present the completely redesigned Atlantic Underground website. After a few weeks working to incorporate and develop more information about our company work ethics and certifications, our trenchless technology services, and our past projects, we now have a user-friendly site that expresses who we are and how we like to work with our clients.

    The new site was designed by Brass Tacks Creative from the ground up… It features all the information that was available on the old site with new sections for horizontal directional drilling and auger boring as well as a section detailing all of our other trenchless services including pipe bursting, pipe ramming, sliplining, and project consulting.

    Read through and let us know if you have any questions. We are always looking for new and improved ways to serve our clients and deliver the friendliest and most efficient customer service in the mid-Atlantic region.

    snapshot of homepage