Andrews Air Force Base

  • AUI uses Fusible PVC pipe for water line installation at Andrews AFB

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    Atlantic Underground successfully completed the installation of 380 feet of 8-inch fusible PVC with a bend radius of less than 3.6% at Andrews Air Force Base.

    The fusible PVC product offers new solutions on installs of utility lines when HDPE is not an option. Using the continuous, gasket-free, Fusible C-900® PVC pipe, AUI provided trenchless technologies to drill under a road, gas lines and other utilities and install a new water service at Andrews AFB.

    When using fusible PVC, line and grade must be accurate as PVC has a lower tolerance than HDPE. With entry and exit angles in line with manufacturer specifications, AUI was able to hit a tight window of a target without incident and in the timeframe quoted. Another reliable and efficient job for AUI — finished on time and budget.

    Image of pipe being pulled

    Pipe being pulled in and ready for pressure testing.

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