Directional Drilling

  • AUI installs utility lines with accuracy and precision

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    Atlantic Underground Inc. performed trenchless services to help minimize impact on pedestrian foot traffic and avoid street closures and other disruptions on the VCU campus during the initial phase of VCU’s $158.6 million new School of Medicine project.

    Using Horizontal Directional Drilling, considered by many to be a “green alternative for construction,” AUI installed approximately 100 linear feet of 6 inch HDPE pipe for a new sewer main using guidance electronics to navigate under a busy sidewalk in downtown Richmond and through an internal maze of existing utilities.directional drilling machine bit breakthrough at VCU campus This difficult bore required accuracy and constant tracking.

    Drilling to a depth of 12 feet and emerging through a predrilled 12-inch hole in a basement wall required precision, experience and skill. There is nothing more accurate than the tracking methods used by our crew. We knew the exact location of the drill head at all times and with this precise tracking method, we successfully performed and installed the new sewer main on time and on budget.

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