Other Services

  • Atlantic Underground Inc provides trenchless solutions to install, replace or repair underground utilities or conduits without the need for open excavation and a continuous trench from the surface. We offer various trenchless technologies and a range of services that minimize disruption to traffic and to the general public.

    Pipe Bursting

    Atlantic Underground Inc offers pipe bursting as an ideal technique to rehabilitate or replace older utility lines, gas lines, water and sewer lines, and power lines. Using trenchless technology, pipe bursting efficiently splits aging clay, concrete, and cast iron pipes and replaces the pipes by pulling through a new polyethylene pipe or HDPE pipe. The process has very little impact and is safer for the environment. It also offers little to no disruption to traffic in congested areas and city centers and costs significantly less than open trench excavation.

    Pipe Ramming

    Pipe ramming is a method used to install pipes or steel casings. It is useful in soft or adverse soil conditions or for shallow installations under railway lines and roads, where other trenchless methods could cause surfaces to shift or resettle. For pipe ramming, a pneumatic hammer is used that attaches to the new steel casing. Percussive blows drive these new pipes through the ground. The soil or spoil inside the casing can then be removed by auger, water jetting, or more commonly by compressed air.


    Sliplining is used to repair or restore structural stability and integrity to an existing pipeline. Atlantic Underground Inc uses the sliplining process to install smaller, smoother high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or fiberglass reinforced pipe (FRP) carrier pipe or slip line into larger, often rough, rotten or deformed host pipe instead of boring a new drain. Even though the new lining system has a smaller diameter, velocity and flow stay the same as there is less friction within the new improved smooth pipe. AUI then grouts the annular space between the two pipes and seals the ends. Sliplining is usually a cost effective solution for rehabilitating existing pipelines.

    Project Consulting

    Atlantic Underground Inc works with project owners and developers, private sector contractors, engineering firms, and mid-Atlantic region municipalities and provides trenchless solutions for installing and maintaining urban utility systems and pipelines, preconstruction planning, and overall problem solving or troubleshooting. Our advisory services on horizontal directional drilling, auger boring, trenchless pipe replacement and rehabilitation techniques can help clients avoid costly delays and improve and expedite overall production time of the project.