• Atlantic Underground Inc Expands into North Carolina

    Posted April 12, 2012 By in News With | No Comments LBGC logo

    As General Contractors with a Public Utilities (PU) classification, Atlantic Underground Inc, a leader in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) in the mid-Atlantic region, is now available for projects to install underground pipes, telecommunications, conduits, fiber optics, sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, and other pipelines without disturbing habitat or disrupting traffic patterns in the state of North Carolina.

    AUI provides trenchless services and underground solutions to cross beneath railroads, congested roadways, creeks and wetlands, environmentally sensitive waterways, or any area of protected ground that cannot be disturbed in any way. And with over eleven years of experience and a solid reputation for reliability, AUI gets the job done when nobody else can. We look forward to providing our top quality services on line, on grade, on time and on budget in North Carolina.


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